1969 : Mr and Mrs Aimé Bataillard, parents of the actual owners bought Château de Belleverne. The abandoned estate was composed by 40 hectares of fields and 15 hectares of vines in the Beaujolais Villages and Chénas appellations. During several years, an important work was undertaken in order to renew the estate, and this in parallel of their first activity, which was being butchers.


1974 : a major decision was taken. The whole family came to live at the estate. After this day the main activity was the vineyard works. A production at the domain and a selling process close to the consumers.


1981 : Didier and Alain chose this noble profession and extended the family estate. The estate, which at this time was covering 24 ha was composed by these appellations: Beaujolais Village, Beaujolais Blanc, Beaujolais Rosé, Chénas and Moulin à Vent.


1995 : Sylvie decided to follow her elders’ way, and joined the family estate by expanding once again. At this time the vineyard was 29 ha and also included the Saint Amour appellation.


1997 : Result from a constant family work, always looking for a quality product, combining with both traditional techniques and the progress in term of  soil tillage, vines, winemaking and wine ageing. The first significant export orders also arrived at this period. Mainly Japan, North America, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, which counts for about 10% of sales in volume.


2005: Environment-conscious and aware of the need to make more concentrated wines, the Bataillard family has pulled out every third row to make a partial weed. In addition, they completely updated their products’ packaging in order to respond to a real desire from their consumers.


2007 : acquisition of 2.5 ha of Juliénas Cru 

Location : 515 Rue Jules Chauvet 71570 La Chapelle Guinchay - France

Land : 31,5 hectares

Type of Soil : Shale and granits, silicious clay and granitic sand

Export Contact : Sylvie Bataillard-Dalsace

Website :

Last modification : 2019-09-26