Domaine Fond Moiroux was  founded in  1789. The estate  is located in the village of Cogny  in South  Beaujolais. This zone is known as  the “land of the  golden stones” due  to the color of the omnipresent sandstone   also used for the  construction of the cellar itself. Wine from  pure Gamay  grapes is  produced in several different  appellations including Beaujolais,   Brouilly, Beaujolais  Village and Moulin á Vent. 4 ha  of  Chardonnay used for the estate’s white Burgundy and white Beaujolais has been planted 2010.With great succes the first BOURGOGNE BLANC has been launched in 2014. 

At the same time PINOT-NOIR made his way into Domaine Fond Moiroux.the Region des PIERRES DOREES is perfect for Burgundian Type Wines.
In  2008 the Luxembourg citizen and great wine enthusiast   Bernd Bachhausen  and his wife Marie bought the estate and  decided to  bring it back to it’s  former fame. This was the  come-true of a long  time dream for the couple. Both  in love  with the soft rolling hills of  the region, the beauty of wine and  the  simple things in life; they  decided to produce wines of  joy and pleasure.  “Wine is a produce of  nature and exactly  that makes it so exiting to work  with!”
From  bud-break to  harvest the grapes are strongly influenced by the  often   changing weather. All vineyards are carefully tended by hand and  this   enables reaching full maturity and great quality  throughout the  different  parcels. As a part of the organic  viticulture practices,  aiming to limit the  amount of chemicals  needed, the space in-between  the rows of vines is covered  by  cover crops to ensure appropriate  water and nutrient competition.  The clear  goal is to produce  well-structured and long lived  wines expressing the  identity of the  terrior they come from.  Harvesting only intact grapes  enables us to  obtain the best  possible extraction of flavor compounds. This  again  results in  wines of discrete opulence, fruit, elegance and silky soft    tannins. Both The fruity fresh Beaujolais and Beaujolais  Village and  the  structured Brouilly and Moulin á Vent express  harmony and  personality and have  great ageing potential. 
The next step has been done 2014 with the Launch of the first BOURGOGNE BLANC and CREMANT  rose. 

Location : 69640 Cogny en Beaujolais

Land : 18 hectares

Type of Soil : Granitic and granitic sands soil

Export Contact : Bernd Bachhausen

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Last modification : 2019-09-26